Till now we know that Earth is the only planet which has life and thus called as living planet also. We all life forms consume some kind of resources for our survival. But we human beings waste our resources more than any other life forms on earth. In fact other than human beings other life forms do not waste resources, for them ones waste is others utilization. And hence we human beings are consuming resources more than our need, and thus creating environmental hazards. We human beings call it development, but actually we are degrading.

Amongst all life forms we human beings are the most new one and do not know to consume resources in their raw form, like other life forms know how to utilize natural resources in raw form for their survival, and stay simple abided by the law of nature, thus staying in harmony with nature. But we human beings are trying to alter natures law and thus causing destruction.

Amongst wastages the first thing that comes in my mind is packaging of products which is thrown off, thus causing environmental hazards. Can we think out of the box to not to use packagings, or reuse the packagings, or the industries must think in such a manner that the packaging can be reused for some other purposes. Have we ever noticed that when we throw a empty tube of toothpaste or other items, which comes in tubes, some amount of toothpaste or other item remains inside the tube. If utilized properly, we can use it for minimum three more times thus saving our resources. Now few people will call it miser, but I call it wiser in terms of utilization of resources. Imagine the amount of item if accumulated, is wasted just like that because we do not cut the tube and utilize the entire product. Like wise lots of electronic items are thrown off without being repaired, which can be brought back to life if repaired. Repairing them gives them second life and enables proper utilization of resources.

I think we all are aware, what are our resources, and how to save it, but a proper step has to be taken for that. We always depend on others to take the first step, we must think of start fighting against it alone . We must not forget that what ever we utilize we take it from earth, there is nothing that is coming from outside of this planet except sun rays. And if we keep on wasting our resources like this our earth will be become barren. And we know that we are running through tough phase.

So readers, think before discarding any thing, any product, always think whether it can be reused by you or somebody else?? Let’s not waste our resources.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat.