Science says, the amount of semen emitted once during sex by an healthy adult man contains 40 million sperm. So, according to logic, if women had that much sperm space in their womb, 40 million babies would have been made!

This 40 million sperm, keeps running madly towards the mother’s uterus, only 300-500 sperm remains alive. And the rest of them? Die tired or defeated on this runway. These are the 300-500 sperms that have been able to reach Ovary. Only one of them super powerful sperm fertilizes the egg, or takes a seat in the egg. That lucky sperm is either you or me, or all of us.

Ever brought to mind this great war?

1 When you ran ′′ there was no eye hand foot head, yet you won.

2 When you ran ′′ you had no certificate, no brain but you won.

3 When you ran you had no lesson, nobody helped but you won.

4 When you ran you had a destination and ran alone with a concentration towards that destination and in the end you won.

– After this, many babies get spoiled in the mother’s stomach. But you didn’t die, you made it all 10 months.

– Many children die at birth but you survived.

– Many children die in the first 5 years of birth. You are still alive.

– Many children die of malnutrition. Nothing happened to you.

– Many have left the world on the way to grow up, you are still there.

And today……

You get shocked, disappointed when something happens, but why? Why think you lost? Why you have lost confidence? Now you have friends, siblings, certificates, everything. There are hands and legs, there are education, there are brains to plan, there are people to help, yet you lose hope. When you didn’t give up on the first day of your life. Fighting 40 million sperm to death, continuously running without anyone’s help, winning the race alone.

Why someone left your life, Can’t accept that?

Why do you break down when something happens??

Why do you say I don’t want to live anymore?

Why do you say I lost?

Thousands of such words can be highlighted, but why do you get disappointed?

Why would you lose? Why give up? You won in the beginning, you won in the end, you win in the middle. Give yourself time, ask your mind what talent do you have. Always value the desires of your heart, always remember the creator. You will see you will win.

Just keep fighting with the strength of your mind-you will win!!!

Note : This article is abstracted from a Facebook post.