Hunger – one of the biggest issues in world with growing population. Many under developed countries are dependent on rich countries for their aids. It is the hunger that forces somebody to do crime and illegal work. It has been found that the food wastage what we do in our day to day lives can actually feed some animal, birds, human being or any living being and which can meet up some of the crisis, or can also be decomposed to make organic manure .

Covid 19 has shown us the worst case scenarios, and has taught us many things along with one thing called “managing food waste”. We human beings likes to stay neat and clean and thus we tend to drain our left over food in drains or covered dustbins which stops littering, but that is miss use of left over food. There are many countries around the world which plays with food after a good harvesting, but how far that is justified in a crisis situation. During the lock downs, not only our life got hampered but it also hampered the hunger of stray animals and birds. They were dependent on our left over food, but during lock downs things changed drastically.

My advise to all of you is that what ever the leftover food we have at our home, keep it in a place from where animals, birds can feed themselves, instead of throwing it into drains or some other place from where they cannot feed themselves. Remember nature’s policy, your waste or excess can be someone’s food.

Hope thinking in this way we can be generous to other’s also and can stop wasting food.