LOVE, a sensational feeling which touches our soul, but neither have any scientific reason to prove it nor some metric scale to measure it. A neurological signal which the brain doesn’t want to accept it and there is no logic to prove the relation link also. Some kind of magical chemistry, the compound of which makes a person rejuvenate. A mathematical equation wherein 1 + 1 = 3 is possible.

In this blog I am not going to discuss on what LOVE is or prove it, but share some of the music which will make your heart flow….. (use good quality headphones (mega headphones) to feel the music…)

Enjoy 1000 + melodious songs

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Pyaar Key Pal – KK
Dard apnata hai paraye kon – Jagjeet Singh

Gazal Maestro Jagjeet Singh, The name itself is enough to define the person (one of my favorite singers). If somebody wants to understand the symphony of life, without living it, listen to his each and every song. His songs (gazals) tells every sequence of one’s life, gives peace of mind and lets you know yourself. For me, my music album is incomplete if I do not keep a space for his songs (gazals). Hence dedicating one section to his songs (gazals).