With the rise of human civilization, crime has taken its own pace and place in its growth, and so as terrorism. The meaning of terrorism is not at all complex now a days, and is understood by all of us, some of us has also faced it.

We all human beings are born same, none of us when born was a terrorist. But during the phase of our growth, when some of us became rebel and fought against a ruling community became terrorist. If you see the coin from their end you will find they call themselves fighters or soldiers fighting for some motive.

But terrorism has become more complex now, as they took religion and international boundaries as their motives, forgetting humanity. They want to impose their religion as supreme whereas the fact is that all religion in this world follows humanity and are same. That means the people who are spreading terrorism are using incorrect information to make out their motives. Like ways, people who are terrorising for international boundaries are also misguiding people, and slaughtering common people for their motives. It is just like imposing personal likes and dislikes on somebody else.

Every thing in this world needs some kind of fuel or energy to run itself, and so as terrorism. I think the fuel behind terrorism is finance and publicity. I do not have much knowledge about finance, from where the finance comes but the publicity is of course free of cost. Let me tell you how. Whenever there is some terrorist activity goes around the world, our media hypes the news and publishes it in their media or channel for their TRP’s, this is a free publicity. May be the media is talking about people who fought against terrorism, but finally more or less terrorism is also discussed, and that is free publicity. The motive of terrorist or crime is to create fear amongst people.

They get motivated and spread when people fear and talk about them, and media plays a good mediator as mass communication, which comes free of cost for them. Instead if media stops publishing or reduces publishing such things, it can demotivate terrorism and crime from spreading. I think media should talk more about good and innovations instead of bad news in our society.

We must think about what we want to do, fear terrorism or fight terrorism. Remember people who spread terrorism are hand full in comparison to people who follow humanity. So from now on lets talk about good instead of bad, lets talk about humanity instead of crime. Every bad thing has to end some day and so as crime, lets fight against crime and terrorism.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, WB, Bharat