Smart Phones are becoming popular day by day and you can do lots of creative things with this gadget.

Let’s learn today how to turn your smart phone into a walkie talkie :

  1. Turn Phone into Walkie Talkie Via Wi-Fi
    You should have two phone to try this method. Download and install Wi-Fi Direct Walkie-Talkie app from Google Play store on both the phones, keep the Wi-Fi option ON on both.After turning on WiFi of both devices you can search for the available devices and there will appear the list of available devices you can connect both smartphones and can easily have a voice conversation.
  2. Turn Phone into Walkie Talkie Via Mobile Data
    In case a person wants to increase the range of their Walkie Talkie, they can simply try the mobile data way, as there is no limit of the range in this method.The user can use VoIP or any other voice messaging service for this method, like WhatsApp or Facebook or any other and use its audio chat feature as a Walkie Talkie.
  3. Turn Phone into Walkie Talkie Via Bluetooth
    To turn your phone to a Walkie Talkie with Bluetooth, the users is required to download Intercom for Android from Google Play store.Even in case, the user doesn’t have a Wi-Fi or a data connection, they can simply connect one smartphone to another via Bluetooth and can easily turn your turn your phone to a walkie talkie and send voice messages to your friends within a limited range.
  4. Most Effective App: Download Hey Tell App
    The Hey Tell app requires no registration, and just work in a simple installation. The app has a voice call feature, and can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie and allows you to talk to friends using the app.Hey Tell works in Android, iPhone, and Windows, and takes care of their user’s privacy, and also includes group voice chat option.
  5. Try TiKL Touch Talk Walkie-Talkie App
    With this push to talk app all a user requires are a working data plan and contacts. The app supports group messaging and pushes to talk calls.

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