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About us

KLiK Infotech is an enterprise established in 22-Aug-2010. Previously the firm was named as KLiK Group and was engaged in various other businesses also, but now it is concentrating on its domain business, “Infotech” since Apr-2016. The founder & chief, Mr. Debashish Ray is experienced in a blended environment of computer and management since 1993, in some of the esteemed organizations of world. Click here to view his profile.

Making of KLiK Infotech web site is to share information and experience to the world, and contribute to make a better world.

We feel happy to announce that, on 30-Sep-2016 we launched our online shopping section KLiK & Shop. The objective of KLiK & Shop is to provide online platform and promote any kind of businesses and organizations online.


We would be thankful if you share your thoughts with us and share this site with your friends.


We would be always delighted to serve you with a smile….

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