Today we are discussing about few of the biggest issues of world, and that is unemployment, poverty and health issues, all the things are quite related, and one leads to another.

lets flash back some millions of years back when human being emerged. At that time the population was pretty less and neither there was industrialization nor computerization, so to get a work done people were dependent upon muscle power and brain power, and thus utilization of resources was  proper. The things were going on a right way, till the inception of industrialization and computerization, some 300 years back, when machines started taking place of muscle and brain power.

Now human being was not only copeing with high population, but also unemployment, as machines started taking there place.

Unemployment has many side and direct effects. The first and foremost is, poverty. And poverty is such an issue, which brings all other issues in the society, like crime, illiteracy, health issues, etc.

No doubt, that industrialization and computerization has made our work so easy and fast that we prefer to use machines for doing our day to day works. But it has generated unemployment also along with pollution.

We are in such a stage now, that we cannot leave machines and computers as those eases our work, and the world population has grown so much, which is now out of control.

But still being human, if we realize the issue, lets take initiative and start thinking of employing some human being instead of keeping a machine, at least, this way it may be helpful in feeding one family.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat