With the help of this blog we are trying to asses whether human being is the only intelligent species on earth, or it is just a myth, or we human beings are boasting ourselves, or something else.

To understand intelligence we first need to understand the basics of life. Nature has provided us all basic necessities of life to continue life on earth. For continuing life we (we means all species) need to reproduce, for reproduction we need to mate (for some species), for mating or reproduction we need to survive, for surviving we need to eat, for eating we need to hunt (gathering food is also a kind of hunting), for hunting we need energy, and energy comes from food, so, finally the basics of life are survival, food, and reproduction.

Now few human beings will try to justify saying that we get food from money or there are more important things like education, earning money, owning property, doing good work, making carrier etc., than to reproduce or survive or what ever, or disagree with my thought. I would suggest them to please take some time and try digging on the matter till they reach the end and get the residue.

Now we come to the main objective “intelligence”; since we filtered our basics to survival, food and reproduction, to do these jobs every species needs to have intelligence as per their requirements and a mode of communication which we call as language. It may not be alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric, or some kind of sign based, or as per human beings but it is understandable among themselves and solves their issues. The fact is even other species also do not understand human language.

We observed species other than human beings do communicate among themselves or hunt together for their food or generate food for their survival, live in groups, communities, colonies and reproduce; thus it proves that they too have enough intelligence as per their needs but we human beings are not able to understand it. And hence we human beings made a myth that we are intelligent. We humans evaluate intelligence as per our metrics, whereas nature is not constraint or limited to some particular species. In fact there are many things which is followed by a particular species and not by others.

During the course of survival since earth formed, every species has adopted some kind of intelligence to survive and continue life according to their requirement. Even I am writing this blog for human beings in English language. So people and other species who do not understand English language will not be able to understand what is this blog about; so does it mean that that they not intelligent???

Observe nature and all living beings from the closest distance possible and try to understand their strategy for living, you will surely be able to understand that nature has provided its resources to all species equally.

So finally, is human being, is the only intelligent species??? think….

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat