Actually the idea for this blog came, when one of my good friend took the word “flirting” in some other sense.

The dictionary meaning of “flirting” is;

1. To act as if one is sexually attracted to another person, usually in a playful manner.

2. a. To treat something playfully or superficially: flirt with danger.

b. To consider something playfully or superficially: flirted with the idea of opening a restaurant.

But in general, the word “flirting” is used when we appreciate / praise / speak / express to someone in a playful manner or little more than a normal expression or in a overwhelmed manner. Now a days, like many other words, which has a different dictionary meaning than how it is generally used, the word “flirting” is also used without a gender or relation bias.

For example, a small kid did a good job, so to appreciate we generally use “Ok, you have done a good job” or “good job done” or “very good” or may be in some other way, but when you say it like “Oh my God! You have done a magnificent / excellent job”, with a broad smile on your face or other body expression in a overwhelmed manner, you are “flirting”. It has no relation with sexuality of a person, nor any relation with the age group he or she belongs to. In general we all do flirting some where or other.

Like the shopkeepers always flirts with their customers to sell their products, and the customers always flirts with the shopkeepers to keep their rates down or to get some discount. (click here to watch a cute youtube video on flirting, pay attention after 4:00 min.) . Some times teachers or parents flirts with their students or kids to motivate them. Team managers always flirts with their subordinates to motivate them to get more work done in a reasonable time, than a expected time, like “XYZ you are awesome, and you are the only one who can do the job in a reasonable time”, and you get praised and finally you complete the job with all your efforts in a reasonable time, by skipping your lunch also 🙂 :)”. Doctors flirt with the patients which they call as comforting words, so that patients can relieve stress and recover soon by motivating them, like “your teeths are in good shape, just brush two times a day”, another example, “your bones are very strong, don’t worry you will recover very soon”.

Flirting is done every where, in schools, colleges, offices, etc. and it hardly has any side effects, in fact it builds up the relationship strong and also motivates / inspires people to do good job. In fact in my personal life, “flirting” has improvised my relationship with others.

I wish, my “good friend” also reads this blog and understands the latest meaning of “flirting” instead of still continuing with the old dictionary meaning.

Time never stays at one place, so keep moving with the new concepts, keep upgrading yourself, and keep “flirting”, it keeps you as well as other person happy in an inexpensive way.

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