It has been quite an interesting journey with Linux since 2019. Now I am pretty much confident to use Linux Mint and it solves my daily purpose also. Till now I have tested four distros of Linux namely, Ubuntu, MX Linux, Linux Lite and Linux Mint. Every Linux has its own positive and negative points, but I preferred to use Linux Mint because of the following points :

1. System updates : In Linux Mint the system updates are smooth. The update carries on in the background of your work and does not disturb while working. Sometimes when kernel is also updated it asks for user to reboot the system on his / her own preference. While rebooting the system to apply updates, it doesn’t take extra time to shut down and start up, like Windows and MX Linux take.

2.User Interface : Managing the user interface in Linux Mint is pretty easy and convenient and with lots of options, particularly if you are using Cinnamon desktop environment. You can design your system as per your taste or wish.

3. Software repositories : Yes this is one of the crucial points of selecting an operating system, and this is one of the reasons for windows being one of the most liked operating systems in world. Software reposotories if Linux Mint is also very vast and support Ubuntu’s and Debian’s latest development also.

4. Customization of folders : Linux Mint Cinnamon has many folder customization options, which includes changing folder colors, looking inside the folders without entering the folders in a drop down format, opening other folders in tab in that same window for multitasking.

There are many more features which makes working in Linux Mint very comfortable, and hence I like Linux Mint.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., India