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Informations from Web – 2021

Activities in 2021

08.01.2021 Know about the natural ways and artificial ways of chickens laying eggs
09.01.2021 Some myths and realities of porn in comparison to normal life
14.01.2021 Valuable information on Eye
22.01.2021 Some rare pictures to see and admire
08.02.2021 Burma / Myanmar, a country with two names and their importance  |  Know about “Jeff Bezos'” – The founder of “Amazon Company”
10.02.2021 “We are not alone”, says Harvard astronomer  |  The “Oumuamua” (extraterrestrial object flying past Earth) story  |  Information on micrometeorites
16.02.2021 Information on Big Bang Theory
28.02.2021 When was mobile phone started in India
04.03.2021 How napping can improve our life  |  Information on shifting of Earth’s magnetic poles
07.03.2021 How to fall asleep after waking up
08.03.2021 Information on Tea -> Difference between CTC tea and Orthodox tea and how it is beneficial for health  | Benefits of drinking CTC tea
30.03.2021 Know about Visi Calc, the first spreadsheet program which changed the world of computing
11.04.2021 Artificial intelligence can now design new antibiotics in a matter of days  |  When Did Life First Emerge in the Universe?
16.04.2021 The science behind honey
22.04.2021 Information on Tardigrades, a microscopic animal which can survive in extreme conditions
23.04.2021 We have more than five senses…
27.04.2021 New type of biodegradable plastics
05.04.2021 History – The invention of paper correction liquid
08.05.2021 Some signs of kidney damage
19.08.2021 How Britishers made Tea popular in India

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