Human being, the only species on earth who do worships. Worshiping is a gesture of showing gratitude to a supreme power known as god. Probably human beings are the only species who understand and follow the concept of “God”.

But a controversial question is, does god really exists or it is an imagination. With my personal experience I can say that, call it “Nature” or “Supreme Power” which balances all evens and odds, so that continuity of life remains. And we human beings are trying to give it a shape.

If we implement this theory on all living beings on earth, then we can say that all living beings depends on the supreme power which controls its existence, and for human beings we call it “God”.

Now comes the question of importance of worshiping. It is the believe, that our supreme power or nature, which will adjust all odds and evens of our life, and thus worshiping gives human beings a kind of moral strength to fight for all odds and evens faced by them on their daily life. Now, I think that the puzzle seems to be getting solved.

Now think like this, we human beings are one of the species living on earth, and for all species there is only one supreme power or nature which gives human beings and other species resources like atmosphere, water, land, relations etc to live and continue their existence, and we human beings show gratitude towards the supreme power or nature in exchange, which is called “worshiping”.

So finally, if there is only one supreme power or nature for all species on earth, than the question is, “why do we human beings fight in the name of religion???”

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, WB, Bharat.

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