Keeping fit has become necessity for every one now, in a age where machines and computer’s have become part of our life. Now human beings don’t have to run and hunt, which used to keep them fit, instead in a press of a button, machines do the work and hence we humans have become lazy, no physical work. So, to keep us active and free from illnesses, we must do some kind of simple exercises in our daily life. (Note : Keeping fit does not mean that you have to become ultra slim size). Keeping fit does not require extra bucks also, just you have to re-think.

There are many who will say that I do not have time to do exercise, well… I will say that you do not have to spend lots of hours to keep yourself fit. Just try to follow the following points in your life.

  1. No matter what you do, or where you stay, or what time you get, just walk for approx 20 min. or minimum 1 km daily. If you are not able to do that in one stretch, you can break it up in sections. Your main motive is to walk, that’s it.
  2. Stretch up your self when ever you get time. Stretching enables your muscles, skin and nerves to stretch.
  3. Roam around for few minutes, when ever you get time.
  4. Drink ample of normal water instead of drinking beverages. Drink two cups of hot drink (tea/coffee) in a day.
  5. Drinking filter coffee (black coffee = water + coffee + sugar as per taste) at least once in a day, leads to many benefits in our body. It also helps to keep you slim (not compulsory, depends from person to person). Wash your mouth with water after drinking coffee, as in long term coffee erodes teeth enamel.
  6. Have good food, particularly the breakfast. Our food impacts our body so much that our body odour changes accordingly. If we keep eating a particular type of food for more than 15-20 days, our body odour also changes. So always take care what you eat or drink.
  7. As per ancient times, we must eat stomach full  and healthy breakfast, than a little less in our lunch, some snacks in the evening if possible, and light food at dinner. Follow this you will feel the change within yourself.
  8. Do not eat full stomach at night and as far as possible eat vegetarian and less oily food at night, which leads to less bowel movements.
  9. Finish your dinner by max 10:00 PM. which gives enough time for the food to digest properly.
  10. Eating light food at night leads to good night sleep.
  11. Sleep well at night. Every body has their own sleep time, so know your’s how much time you should sleep to feel fresh.
  12. If possible give a power nap (a 30 min to 1:30 hours sleep after your lunch). Scientists have proven that power nap energises us instantly and keeps us fresh. A power nap is also proven to be good for heart. Some call it beauty sleep and it brings glow to your skin.
  13. If possible do some gardening, it keeps you physically and mentally fit.
  14. Wake up early, about 5-6 am (or just after dawn if possible) in the morning. Waking up early in the morning enables your brain to be fresh and energetic. (Try doing it for few days you will come to know yourself).
  15. Never eat full stomach or up to your neck, keep some space which helps good digestion and bowel movements.
  16. One very important aspect is consumption of Vitamin D. As per my internet research, Vitamin D is involved in calcium absorption, immune function, and protecting bone, muscle, heart health, skin and many more. Our body intakes 20% of Vitamin D from food and 80% from sunlight. Deficiency of Vitamin D is very common these days as people spend less time outside (under Sun), due to their lifestyle. A 30 min. exposure to sunlight meets our daily requirement of Vitamin D in our body.
  17. And most important, feel fit. because if you are not feeling fit, then probably you are not fit. Keeping fit does not mean only keeping physically healthy, it also means keeping mentally fit.

At last I wish to say that do not stick to the above mentioned schedules and rules for ever. Break them, manipulate them and lead life as you wish for a short time, (Any habit is harmful, even if it is a healthy habit, let not the body get used to any thing). The charm of your fitness is directly reflected on your face and skin, so if you are fit then you will always look charming.

So stay fit, be happy and spread it.

author debashish ray