I thought of writing this blog today as the climate is very beautiful today. I live in a place called Jalpaiguri, which happens to be a big district and a flourished historical town. The name Jalpaiguri came from “Jalpai” means “Olive” and “Guri” means “Place”, means Jalpaiguri had many Olive trees once upon a time. Jalpaiguri is located approx 40 km from Siliguri and approx  120 km from Darjeeling. There are five railway stations in Jalpaiguri, 1. Jalpaiguri Town (which is the oldest railway station of Jalpaiguri, and was a big railway station joining North East with Kolkata through now called Bangladesh before independence), Jalpaiguri Road Station, Raninagar Stn, Mohit Nagar Stn, and now the biggest New Jalpaiguri Station (NJP). One of the Biggest Station to join North East and rest of India. Apart from these stations, there are other stations also which are situated in different places which comes under Jalpaiguri District.

The city is pretty neat and clean and abundant of nature, there are three rivers which flows through Jalpaiguri, Teesta, Karala and Dhardhara. Teesta is a big river (second largest in West Bengal) looks like an ocean when full of water in rainy season. Karala which flows through the Jalpaiguri Town and also besides my house approx less than half a km, and Dhardhara is a tributary to Karala river. Apart from this Jalpaiguri is surrounded by Lush green agricultural fields, tea gardens, as far as your sight goes, Dense rain forests and beautiful tourist places. A picture of Teesta is displayed below,


Picture of a Tea garden near my house :


Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., India.