After listening since past few days about voting and all, finally the day has arrived and people are very much enthusiastic about voting. Voting is celebrated like a “Durga Puja” Celebration in West Bengal (Durga Puja is the Biggest Festival celebrated in West Bengal). where in people are busy for approx a month. People, offices, businesses stop working, saying that every thing will happen after voting only….., (even my organization’s tax renewal has also halted for that) and you will find people are busy only in politics and voting. Few of the party people in this area also came to our house asking to support their party, during these publicity days.

So finally today as usual I woke up early in the morning and found that the climate is pretty cool and cloudy, cool enough to feel the goosebumps on my skin. I dressed up for my regular morning walk and decided to go for voting while returning from morning walk. I went to the poll station, and found that people have already started gathering at the poll station early morning. The poll station is guarded by high security with gun mens. I was the only person who was looking like an alien as i was wearing shorts and T-shirt and rest others were very decently dressed. There were two queues, one for ladies and one for gents, and the rush was also less, I guess only 15 people in front of me.

After waiting for a while my turn also came, and this is the 2nd time I am voting in my life (voting happens every 5 years in India), I have never voted prior to that. So as soon as I entered into the hall, it was a very quite place, I showed my Voter ID card on the 1st counter and that person verified it, I went to the next counter and the person asked me to put my thumb impression on a register, I asked which one left or right??? the person said it’s all your’s which ever you use…, then I went to the 3rd counter the person put mark on my finger and asked me to go behind the cabin which was made by card boards. As soon as I went behind the cabin there were two machines kept and I was confused… what to do!!!, I got more conscious when I observed that few people are observing me, so without wasting time I recalled the tutorials which are been shown in television about voting, and finally pressed a button. I saw the box which was kept beside just lit up and a slip started rolling up which contained details of my voting. The slip was cut automatically and dropped into the box and a long beep came after that. I analyzed that every thing is over and i came out of the hall. After I came out of the institution few political workers were standing whose eyes were like asking me what did you do???, so I gave them a 1000 dollars smiley look and said ya… its done…. So finally the exam was over and results are awaiting, who will rule the world…..

Snap shot of Climate details :

temperature jalpaigri

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat.