We all are very much acquainted with the word gardening, and hence we will not discuss what gardening is, instead we will discuss how to implement it in your life and make your life little bit more beautiful.

We all know that green has cool effects on our eyes, and nature is a rich source of green, and gardening is also a part of it. People may say that “yes I know, but I do not have time or space or etc. for gardening”. So today we will discuss few easy steps for implementing gardening in your life. The basic knowledge about gardening is to understand nature, and nature is consistent and no body can stop it from growing. Even if human beings dosen’t exists nature will continue. And hence people with less time, money and space can also do gardening easily without much efforts.

You just need few basic things for gardening, which are easily available : 1.soil, 2.water, 3.sunlight, 4.any thing to hold the soil, just keep in mind that it should have a hole at the bottom, so that excess water can exit from there. 5. Organic Manure (the dung of any herbivorous animal) which is easily available, (though not compulsory), but good if you can arrange. If not available put the vegetable and flower wastes and it works as manure.

Now decide what you want to plant. Gather seed, sprout, or plant of that plant from any where, you can also get seeds from vegetables, fruits, and flowers which you purchase for consumption.

Before putting the seed in the soil; drench the soil with water for a day or two, and then put the seed on or into the soil, water softly only if you feel that the top layer of the soil is dry, for few days till you see a plant is germinating from the seed. The time taken for plant coming out of seed depends on each species of plant, so you have to be patient. Hence gardening also teaches patience. Some times it also happens that the seed has rotten, in that case plant another seed. Now when you see the plant germinated from the seed, increase the quantity of water little bit, remember the rules remain the same, water only when you feel that he top layer of he soil is dry. For that you may have to touch and feel the soil sometimes. Now add some manure.

Put the plant in a place where it gets sunlight for minimum an hour a day. If you find that he plant is infected with insects, sprinkle some ashes on it, that is a natural insecticide. For making ashes you may burn some waste papers scrap wood, husk or other natural things, no plastics or related materials. Now see your plant growing, from a leaf to few leaves and to branches and to flower and to fruits. It takes time and patience, but the the results are beautiful and fruitful.

The height of plant depends on the length of its top root under the soil. If there is no space under soil to stretch the top root, the plant will not grow tall as per its genes height, and will remain bonsai. Gather information and experience and implement it to become an expert.

You will feel very happy when you see the first leaf, branch, flower or fruit coming out, the taste, fragrance or beauty of your grown fruit or vegetable will always be better than a purchased one, because your sentiments and emotions are attached with that.

Hope this article will motivate readers to start gardening and feel good.

Attached here are few pictures from my garden :

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat.