We Bharatiyas (Indians) have a very sound cultural history, for which we all should feel proud of. Amongst our culture, folk songs plays a major role in our society. Bharat is a cultural diversity region and hence every culture has their own folk songs which reflects matters that happens in their society.

In olden days since Bharatiya (Indian) civilization started, folk songs has played a major role in entertainment for people, which has been carried on generations by generations till date. The importance of folk songs is so much that in Bharat we have folk songs for every occasions, from birth of a child, to marriage till death, which reflects every phase of life, folk songs while cooking or working, folk songs while doing agriculture and harvesting, folk songs on social issues, happiness, sadness, etc. the songs are sung by folk singers or normal people either alone or in groups, with or without local instruments.

In Bharat the importance of songs can be seen in every movie which is been produced today. Throughout all regions of Bharat every movie has minimum one song in the movie. If by somehow there is no song in the movie you will surely find a title song. A movie without a song is a sure flop and there are movies which are flop but the songs in that movie are super duper hit and have broken records.

Many people or so called modern people find the folk songs funny now a days, and they rarely listen to it, but when you understand the lyrics of it, you find the real value of the song. It has been found that folk songs are more popular amongst the foreigners than we Bharatiyas now a days. Due to our negligence and change of taste, I think we are loosing our age old tradition of folk songs. And now the condition has become so critical that all the folk singers are changing their professions for their survival. Now there are only few folk singers available in our society.

So readers. If you think that being a Bharatiya we must save our age old tradition of folk songs then, we must take interest in our folk songs, and motivate others also to listen to it. We must reward the artists who are behind it, because unless they are paid for their livelihood, they will not stick to their profession and thus leading to extension of folk songs.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat.