The average life of a human being is estimated approx 75 – 80 years and during this period he / she is busy in doing their prime work, i.e. survival for self and their family and extension of their species, and this is the basic rule of nature for through out animal kingdom. But war and international boundaries are not a part of natures rule, hence this is man made and not followed by other species in animal kingdom other than human beings. In fact things like war & international boundaries are imposed on other species of animal kingdom.

We all know the advantages and disadvantages of war and international boundaries, and thus the question arrives, can’t we live in harmony like other species of earth live? If the answer is “no”, than i think we should feel shameful calling us the most intelligent and superior species of earth; and if we say “yes”, then the question is, what is stopping us from doing so? Start protesting against the incorrect.

If we look at our past, present and future, we will find that so many big people has come and gone, made so many new rules to rule the world, and died, and has become history now, but nature’s rule remains the same for every species.

We modern human beings are existing for approx 2 million years , 6000 years of civilization and 200 years of industrialization on 4.543 billion years in the history of earth’s existence, (data collected from internet) which happens to pass in a blink of an eye, in the time line of earth’s history, but still we project ourselves as the owner of earth, which is a biggest joke we are living with, and we human beings feel happy fooling ourselves, and making mess of planet earth, which was good for life in past, is somewhat fit for life now but seems to be won’t existing in future.

Now our main question is do we “exclusive human beings” really need war and international boundaries for living?? think…..

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, WB, Bharat