What is it about 4G that makes us unsure about its impact on public and individual health? Is 4G radiation more injurious to our health? What are the radiation effects of 4G cell towers? Are the installation of 4G towers in close proximity to our homes unsafe? Brightsandz analyzes the factors and the questions to come up with our best scenario answers.

Ironically, it is not about 4G as a technology – it is about the frequency bands/ carriers that 4G has been launched at. Inherently, a 2300 MHz carrier 4G launch would mean higher degree of radiation (than lets say 4G at 700/ 800 MHz). 2300 MHz launch would also mean more cell towers for service unit demand per unit area. Therefore, if you have a 4G tower less than 150 metres from your home, there is a cause of concern.It is advisable to get radiation exposure at your home checked – especially if you have kids less than 10 years or pregnant ladies in your home.

Secondly, device manufacturers are equipping their devices with ever strong antennas and transmitters to provide the edge in terms of data experience. Most of these OEMs adhere to the SAR ratings – but then SAR ratings are derived inside controlled laboratory environments and donot take into account network conditions (explained in the next point). All of this leads to higher device EMR (radiation) and EMF (magnetic fields). We advise you to not use 4G at low reception areas – check the signal on your cellphone. If it is less than 2 bars – we would advise you not to use the phone unless it is very urgent. Donot please carry the cell phone if it is not necessary. Use Air-tube earphones to reduce EMR exposure at the headside.

Thirdly, while network roll outs are happening at full throttle, 4G network is still patchy – and devices struggle with shadow areas, signal black outs, low coverages – thereby leading to spikes in phone radiation. Remember the 150 metre rule.

Fourthly, better consumer experiences on data speeds will lead to higher hours spent on the devices – increasing addiction and times spent on smartphone will lead to higher exposure rates. Reduce your online time – read a book instead – or take a walk.

Finally, increased usage, more powerful devices, low coverage and shadow area scenarios will sap out the cellphone batteries. High drainage and frequent charging will lead to high EMF from the phones. Donot use the phone if on charging. Reduce phone usage unless urgent and imperative

We are not averse to 4G, but it is critical to understand the pitfalls of 4G under the current circumstances. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding 24*7 addiction to smartphones, refraining usage in low network areas, use of Airtube earphones, switching of WiFi when not required, and use of landlines and wired internet help reducing excessive radiation exposure from 4G devices. Pregnant ladies, babies and toddlers are most vulnerable groups – so extra precautions should be exercised to avoid over exposure. And in case, you have a 4G antenna beaming at your direction within 150 metres of your home or office premise, call us in for a radiation assessment. A little degree of precaution can be life saver in time.


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