Publishing your articles free of cost….

We invite all the Indian Soldiers (Army, Navy, Air Force, BSF, Police and who ever are working or worked in any kind of Indian forces); retired and existing, to write about their experiences and stories, Poems, Jokes, Paintings etc. which they want to share with the entire world, and send it to us; we will be happy to publish it in this section free of cost (provided by those should not be against the Indian Law and it should be eligible to be published).

You may write the article in Hindi or English language, in a piece of paper and send it to us through postal mail, or send us your story in an email. You may attach photos to support your stories. We will publish it original without any modifications or editings. You may send us your Name, details and photo if you want to publish it along with your articles.

Procedure :

1. Please do write on the top of envelop or email subject “Jawano ki Katha”.

2. Please give a title of your article in english language only. Do not write any thing else other than your publication matter in paper, if you want to write something apart from publication, write it in a different piece of paper.

3. Please do not exceed the paper size more than A4 size (normal xerox  or photocopy size)

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Do Online Business….

We are also inviting people (self or family of jawan’s, retired or working) to do any kind of online business (sell anything you wish online) on KLiK & Shop (a online shop), thus generating self employment. You do not have to be a computer literate, our team is there to manage your computer part. We will provide you training on how to manage your business.

Seller’s Policies

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