We are living in a world of computers and mobiles. Particularly talking of mobiles we find that everyday there is some thing new happening in the world of mobiles and some new technology is introduced every day. We all might be having a mobile phone at home which is lying idle as the technology has become old. So instead of throwing those good electronic gadgets and growing garbage, why not use it in our daily life. In this manner you will be able to recycle your old things and will be able to save environment by reducing garbage’s, and will be able to save money as well.

You people might be more creative than me, but while i am writing this blog, I m putting down those points which I can think right now. If you have any more suggestions, please contact us, we will be happy to include your points in this article.

  1. Use your mobile phone as Security Camera – Put it in video recording and keep it in a hidden place. If it is a smartphone or tablet you may download few apps from your play store and also connect it through WiFi to make it a CCTV camera or security camera.
  2. Use it as a sound recorder
  3. Use it as Flash Light (torch)
  4. Use it as WiFi Router or internet hotspot – For this you have to disable the airplane mode and use tathering services
  5. Use it as Calculator
  6. Use it as Reminder Tracker
  7. Use it as Media Player (movie player) – you may mirror your phone to your TV also.
  8. Use it as walk man (music player)
  9. Use it as Gaming Console
  10. Use it as a backup phone book
  11. A Big size Smart phone or Tablet can also be used as a computer to solve your basic use – Just plug in a keyboard using a OTG cable. Download any office software form play store like WPS office, Office 365, Docs to go. etc., for doing your office jobs.
  12. Use it as Flash Drive or Pen Drive or External Drive – Provided by how much internal memory is there or how much memory card is supported by the device.

No matter what you do, just keep in mind to disable your sim card operations or keep the phone on airplane mode as per your need, which enables it to consume less power. By doing this you are putting less burden on your present phone and thus getting more out of it.

If you still do not want to use it, donate it to somebody who can re-use it, instead of throwing it in garbage and making a pile of electronic waste; and put your contribution to save environment.

Author : Debashish Ray