One of the very important things in our life is a “NEWSPAPER”. For many people it is the first thing they like to see after getting up in the morning. A newspaper gives us informations related to many things around the world. But, have you ever imagined the life of a newspaper distributor who distributes newspaper which we get every morning without any failure? Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, whether there is some catastrophe or storm, whether they are ill or have some issues at home, a newspaper distributor always distributes newspaper on time.

The life of a newspaper distributor is very tough. To bring it up among us, I interviewed our newspaper distributor about his life, which I wish to share with you.

A newspaper distributor wakes up very early in the morning, at that time most of us are sleeping. Some newspaper distributors wake up at about 3:30 am or 4:00 am. No matter how far they stay from their from their collection points, they ride bicycle to reach their collection points (to be noted that some times the collection points are not at the same place), from there they collect the newspapers every day. After collecting the newspapers, they segregate the newspapers according to their customer’s residential addresses so that they can distribute it without any hassles.

At an average a newspaper distributor rides bicycle everyday more than 25 kms, along with the load of newspapers and magazines. He travels door to door to distribute newspapers and in exchange, the facilities which they receive is very nominal. They are not salary paid, hence they work on commissions, they don’t get PF, Gratuity, medical benefits, life insurances or any other benefits. Since they leave home very early in the morning, they are not able to have their breakfast also in the morning, neither they are able to do breakfast while they are distributing newspapers. So the only time they get for their breakfast is when they return home after distribution of news paper and by that time it is noon. Since they are not earning enough to run their lively hood with their newspaper earning, almost every newspaper distributor is engaged in multiple jobs apart from newspaper distribution.

Though they are playing a very vital role in our society, but still they do not have any recognition. A news paper distributor spends his entire life without any recognition, good payment facilities, or any other facilities other than their commissions.  It has been observed that there are few people who do not give newspaper payments properly also.

So, that is one of the toughest job in our society and we must respect these people. Even if we cannot ask them for a breakfast, at least offer them for a cup of  tea  and pay them properly for their job without deducting money, as if you are deducting some amount from his bill, it is a loss from his pocket.

Think of it… I think, we can do it, it is not as tough as his job, this will not only give respect but also happiness to them, realizing their existence and importance in our society and that is Humanity.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat