Yesterday night I shifted to my new rented home in a colony which looks some thing like this :

Since all the laguages were packed, some how I unwrapped my bedding and made some place to sleep. It was a nice feeling spending first night at new home. I woke up in the morning, and saw that it was a Sunday, hence the first thing I though of doing is, go to a salon and get my hair trimmed and my beard cut.

I quickly brushed, took some money in my pocket and came out of my home and locked the doors and went into the street. It was a sunny day in a winter season. Since I was unaware of this place, so I enquired about a salon in this colony. The people whom I asked were also nice and helped me reaching to the nearest market.

As planned I took a hair cut and I took a survey about the market. I bought few vegetables and few necessary items from the market and I planned of returning home.

And very soon I realized that I AM LOST….

Immediately I put my hand into the pockets, and realized that in hurry I left my phone at home. Since now a days we are more dependable on our mobile phones, hence I also did not remember any of the numbers.

I was horrified, and nervous. I enquired few people and ran here and there, but I was not able to explain my home location or the address to any body. I was confused, what to do….

And at the mean time something happened which should not happen in this situation, is that since in the morning I did not go to the toilet, my stomach was creating pressure for toilet….

Immediately I realized that I was dreaming and woke up from the bed and I went to the toilet.


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Script : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat.