When the summer is gone and the winter is on we take out our leather jackets, which is the most liked costumes in winter. Maintaining leather jackets are really tough, as when you are not using it, it gets damaged by fungus.

Generally we give leather jackets to the cobbler for polishing it, and have you ever noticed that a cobbler uses water based polish to polish your leather jackets, which actually damages the leather jacket, and forms fungus on it when you are not using it.

The great idea is to use liquid shoe polish, which is not only good for any leather based articles but also protects the leather from damaging and forming fungus when not in use. As these shoe polish contains  special leather oils and waxes which not only protects leather but also nourishes it. Liquid shoe polish gives your leather article a good shine.

You can use liquid shoe polish to maintain not only leather jackets but also any kind of leather articles.