We all use lots of tubes in our daily life, and we might have observed that after squeezing a tube, some extra amount of the content comes out after we have already taken out what we needed, specially when a tube is new. This extra material becomes messy in the cap of the tube also.

That is because of the pressure built inside the tube.

One of the way I found to get rid of this phenomenon is, try squeezing the tube from the top and gradually go down as it finishes. It distributes the pressure inside, particularly when the tube is new. If you start squeezing the tube from bottom it creates more pressure on the top side and hence the material keeps oozing out even if you stop squeezing.

And after the tube is finished, cut the tube on the top side and you can still use the content inside. As per my research, there is so much material still inside that you can easily use it for approx three times. This is called resource management which helps in saving resources and thus saving Earth and your money.

Now, you might be thinking that how the remaining little quantity inside can save Earth? The answer is think if billions of people which is Earth’s population, start doing it, how much resource is saved and not wasted.