As we know that the entire world is is facing a problem called unemployment. Lets take an example of some 200 to 300 years back, when there was less population and less automation (means machine work), people use to get a work done by themselves and there was almost no unemployment. With the rise of industrial revolution things changed and machines started taking positions of human beings. We all know all these stories and facts, but have you ever imagined that Internet is creating more unemployment?

Lets discuss about this :

Access to knowledge about everything : Yes, Internet is a great source of information. people can learn almost everything from here. But this quality of internet is creating more unemployment. People now a days look to internet for repairing or finding a solution, otherwise they used to go to specific business group for solving out there problems. Let’s take an example that one of your machineries is not working, you log on to internet and find out solution for that, otherwise if internet has not been there you would have called the specific mechanic to solve out the issue. Hence, since you are getting knowledge from internet, you are taking job of  a person who are professionally assigned for the work, thus creating unemployment.

Handling any job remotely : Now a days it is a trend to handle jobs off site. That means you are virtually present to where you are required. With the help of internet it is possible to go for a surgery also now a days. With the help of video chat it is possible that you are not required to be in your office any more. Now let’s take an example if internet has not been there and the surgeon has to come to the particular hospital for performing the surgery (or you assume any work). During this phase he is employing so many other people like his driver, the mechanics who are servicing his vehicle, and many other people who he meets every day, and who serves him on daily basis. Just because due to internet he can perform the task remotely, the “in between group” of people are unemployed.

Easy access to any entertainment media : As we know that due to internet we do not purchase songs or movies now a days. Neither we enroll ourselves to any kind of media broadcasting houses or channels. Have you ever thought that due to internet how many newspaper sellers were unemployed, many publication houses were closed, how many music and video vendors have stopped their business, we rarely go to a cinema hall now a days, and the people who are associated with that, what are they doing?

Online shopping : We all know what online shopping is and how it is killing all other retail business. Due to internet many small, medium, and big retailers who were forced to close down their businesses due to no customers. Now also when I visit market I find many shops which do not have enough customers now, thrived once upon a time.

There are many more things, if we dig into our society we will find how internet has reduced employment rate. We can keep adding them to the list but it will never end. Due to internet, may be one day many businesses will extinct. I remember some few years back when internet was not so popular or easy access. Every business was thriving and so were the people associated with them, were also employed and were able to run their lively hood.

Internet is not only creating unemployment but also making us lazy. We will discuss about it later.

“Our society is based on an ecology wherein every profession and people related to that profession are directly or indirectly related to every other profession or person. If one joint of a chain is broken then rest of the ecology is imbalanced.”