Batteries are every where, and all those modern gadgets runs on some kind of reserved power source which is called battery. There are many types of batteries, but as of now we are talking of reusing only alkaline batteries also called as “pencil cells”.

Alkaline Battery

Generally we throw alkaline batteries when the charge is finished, as they cannot be recharged. These batteries gives 1.5 volt standard and basically of two types as “AAA” and “AA”. These batteries looks as mentioned in the image above, but they may have different company names mentioned on them.

So without wasting time let’s understand how an alkaline battery works in layman’s words. There are two poles in a battery, Anode means Positive and Cathode means Negative. Due to chemical reaction of two types of chemicals it generates power. There is some waxy kind of chemical material used in the outer side of battery and after a duration of time it becomes dry and that is the situation when a battery us unusable. The more it becomes dry, the more the battery is discharged.

So, the trick to reuse the battery is to make this waxy chemical back to gel type formation. For that you have to keep the battery in a dry warm (not too hot) place for some time. You can also keep it under sun for few days to reuse it. There is no specific time that how long you should keep it, this is more like DIY experiment. Use a multimeter to see the charge of the battery before using it. If the battery is some where minimum 1.1 or 1.2 volts, it is ready to use. It will not run for long hours as a new battery but it will work. You can use it efficiently for gadgets which consumes less power.

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