Date Published : 04.09.2019

I Manoranjan Biswas, 83 years old, now a retired person staying at Birpara, Dist – Alipurduar, West Bengal, India.  I am educated in Govt. Schools of Jalpaiguri and finished my education from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India. I mostly worked in Tea Gardens in North Bengal. Now I am a 83 years old retired person and bedridden because of my broken waist.

I am writing this book as my inner sense always asked me to do so, so that people should know what is inside Mahalaya. I wanted to create awareness among people who do not know what is Mahalaya or what is inside Mahalaya. Since Mahalaya is written mostly in Sanskrit many people may be reciting it but does not understand it. There are many things after Mahishasur Vadh in Mahalaya which people do not know. Though we chant or listen to the Mahalaya, but we hardly know what is mentioned inside that. So I took the initiative to translate the entire thing into a story format (in bengali) which is enjoyable reading it. It took me little more than one month to complete this book. You may also download the e-book in PDF format from the download option mentioned below.

I Hope my readers will enjoy reading it and may give there valuable feed backs below or contact me on my phone no – +91-7602956194.

Note : This manuscript book is copyright to Klik Infotech, any body found copying or imitating the matter may be prosecuted.

Download – Alpay Golpay Bishmartika / Bishwamuladhar Narayani (Chandika Devir Mahatto)

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