Who says that I don’t love & care for my family, I am doing a hazardous job for the survival of my family, but still I am less valued, because I am a father.


Expressions are faceless & speechless.

For friendship (long term relationships) it hardly matters how we (You & I) look but it does matters how we behave.


Making things takes more time and patience than breaking it, a single spark of fire can destroy everything. So be creative on making things than breaking it.


Love happens once in lifetime after that lust continues.


Brush your teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste once in a day to get rid of common dental issues.



Life is full of mistakes, which educates us for a better future.



Telling lies for hiding mistakes is like a chain reaction of an atomic bomb, once started it will continue until everything becomes a mess or finished.



Yeh rishtey aur unsey juri zindigiyan, kutch us gandey nali ki tarah hai, ki jab saaf karo to jyada badboo martey hai. Kutch chijon ko yun hi choor dena achha hota hai.



There is no error which cannot be rectified, the only thing is every error charges some penalty from you.



A little imperfection amongst us makes us more adorable.



Imperfection is nature’s way of ecological balance, and perfection is human’s parameter; and that is why nature is more powerful than everything.



One of the parameters to judge that oneself is growing, is by calculating his /her competitors and enemies, shall be more than well wishers.



  • I was not so popular until critics made me, it was free advertisement.
  • To think about positive side of anything, start considering negative side of it, as you can lighten a room, only if it is dark.
  • Learning is a process which starts with empty knowledge, as you cannot fill a non-empty tumbler. (so it is important to empty your knowledge prior to attending any training.)


How does it matter how do I look, but it does matters how do I think.



Masterpiece’s can only be made beyond time bound, so I broke my watch, Let’s make a masterpiece.



Dental care : Use a drop of mustard oil and a pinch of edible salt (common salt used for daily purpose), to brush your tooth; it solves general dental issues and refreshes your mouth, specially if you have recovered from any sickness like fever etc.. It rejuvenates your taste buds.

This is a very old therapy used in our region.



Usage of face masks can avoid lots of medical issues like, allergies, infections etc, free of cost, no medical supervision or treatment required.



Using fork instead of spoon for stirring, blending, mixing can be more helpful and fast.



  • Chaand main daag hai !!  isliye to Chaand khubsurat hai. (English translation – There are scars on moon, that is why moon is considered beautiful).
  • What is Life? — It’s all about living.
  • Love is a two sided affair, a single sided affair (attraction) is called “passion“.


“I” don’t have any value, unless “you” are there to praise. Water is colorless and hence can be blended with any color.



Eating or Drinking hot food or drinks in metal glass or utensil, doesn’t burn your tongue. Because the excess heat is absorbed by the metal and your palm and lips senses the heat prior to it reaches the tongue.



There is a proverb “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”; true but in today’s world if we do not do “tit for tat” in some cases, others do not realize the value of “an eye”.



There are few important things in life, 1. Luck, 2. Opportunity, 3. Sincerety, 4. Learning / knowledge, we realize this when we grow old.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, Bharat