Why Linux is not so popular ?

This question is asked by many and particularly Windows Operating System lovers, that if Linux is so good operating system, “why Linux is not so popular?”

After using Linux for approx one year, I have an answer to this.

1. Our computer education system – Microsoft dominated our entire computer education system with its windows operating system since ages. Hence whatever a child learns in his / her education system, after growing up he / she asks for the same thing. As a human being we are scared of changes, hence a child who has learned Windows OS in his / her earlier ages, don’t lookout for any other options. In fact there are many educational institutions, like schools & colleges, etc., in India which have Linux in their syllabus, but they teach Windows OS in practical, they get Linux installed system from government but later they reinstall Windows OS by formatting it, just because the trainer is not Linux educated, he / she has learned Windows OS and thus teaches Windows OS.

2. Open source – Since most of the linux projects are open source, that means free to use and make any modifications in the system; people think that since it is free to use that means they may be compromising somewhere in the usage of operating system, which is a myth. More over since it is an open source project they have less fund to do proper marketing.

3. Character User Interface – This is the old form of operating a computer system where in computers are given instructions through typed commands using keyboard . Most of the people who have some knowledge about Linux thinks that since it is CUI based operating system, they have to remember or rather learn commands to operate Linux. Whereas Windows OS is already popular being a Graphical User Interface (GUI) where in a user does not have to remember any commands to operate it, every thing is in front of your screen as you operate it. But this is a myth, Linux is also a GUI based operating system, the portion which new users see about typing commands is the fastest way of doing a work and that is optional. In fact when you become a pro user, you automatically start using command based operation for feasibility and fast working. More over the commands (codes) are easily available on internet, a user just has to copy and paste it on terminal (command prompt in windows) to operate it.

4. So many flavours, it is confusing which one to select – Yes! This is one of the biggest issues of Linux, that it has so many varieties. Linux is not like Windows or MAC or other operating systems, that you have a product with one wrapper. Linux has so many options to adopt that a new comer always gets confused which one to adopt. Click here to look into the distributions of Linux, and Click here to look at the top distros of Linux (there are more than 250 Linux Distributions any time in the hit list.) The Linux world is comprised of distributions >> desktop environments >> desktop themes >> and lot more other features with their settings, where in you get an option to make any kind of changes you want according to you. In Linux it is like “wish comes true”, you can design your own operating system, which is not possible in other operating system. You just have to take patience to learn and understand it.

5. Driver and Software support – Well, this issue is also a kind of myth. People who comes from a different OS environment expects that they will get the same things in Linux, whereas the reality is no two operating systems are same. It is just like you go for a tour to some place and you expect it to be like your native, which is not possible. Every place has its own essence, so get used to it and explore it to experience it. Linux is well equipped with drivers and software support but of its own kind. So you have to explore it and get used to it. There are many universal softwares present in Linux which operates the same way in all operating systems, no matter which one you use. And believe me the softwares in Linux are more elaborated than Windows.

I think that was enough reasonable to explain “why Linux is not so popular?”. You cannot comment on how tasty a recipe is until you have tasted it…..

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat