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Learning Linux – Lesson 9

The XFCE desktop environment

Speed ….., the most mattered factor in today’s world, and always has been. So our today’s highlight is the XFCE desktop environment which is very well known for its fastness and light weight in Linux world. It is one of the oldest desktop environment in Linux world and was released in the year 1996.

I was fond of MATE desktop environment until I explored XFCE desktop environment, it is really fast even in the lowest hardware configuration. The main magic lies in less usage of RAM by the operating system. At first I thought that I might be compromising with some or other thing, but now I don’t feel so.

Linux desktop environments are all about its customisation features offered to its users. You can design the user interface of your operating system according to your wish, which is not offered by any other operating systems. I found XFCE desktop environment is more customizable than the MATE desktop environment. All kind of drivers works pretty well in coordination with the hardware. Since it uses less eye candy features and animations, the user interface seems to be operating very fast.

You will find almost all fastest Linux distros uses XFCE desktop environment. It also has its own software repositories which blends very well with the operating system. Originally it comes with a inbuilt “Application Menu” but you can change it to “Whisker Menu” from panel settings. “Whisker Menu” is more attractive than “Application Menu”. Setting up “Appearance” in XFC deskop environment is bit different from other desktop environments, but once you start using it, you will get used to it.

The default file manager is “Thunar”, I wanted to use “Nemo file manager” (the best file manager I like) on XFCE desktop environment, but it did not work well, rather “Caja file manager” works better. One of the good things in XFCE desktop environment I found is that you can design your own keyboard shortcuts to operate the system, which I did not find in MATE desktop environment.

So, all together “XFCE desktop environment” is really good. In spite of having less eye candy features than other desktop environments, it meets all the requirements for a normal user. And yes, it is awesomely fast, even on lowest hardware configuration.

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