Stress, depression, anxity are few common symptoms that every body must have faced once or more in their life, particularly in COVID-19 when people are isolated. The most effected cases in our society, are our childrens and senior citizens, when they are restricted from meeting their relatives and friends.

Biologically, we human beings are social animals, and prefer to be a part of our community. We live in communities like other species in animal kingdom and share our goods and bads amongst our friends and relatives.

But COVID-19 pandemic has created a gap in our society along with other issues. It restricted us from meeting with other human beings. People took eletronic medias like video chats, telephonic conversation to overcome the feeling of being isolated, but that was not enough to satisfy their desire to meet other people physically and share their thoughts. And moreover electronic media like social networking sites are not safe to share our thoughts, as it looses our privacy and people troll others.

I remember, few years back when electronic media was not so popular, people used to write letter, post cards and greeting cards to share their thoughts amongst their friend and relatives. People who were introvert type, or people who wished to share some personal thoughts, which they were not able to express with relatives and friends used to write Diaries, which used to be a fruitful way to express one’s thoughts.

I found writing diaries was a very effective way of expressing our inner self to us. Where no other human being is intimated about our personal thoughts, and you are safe from getting trolled or somebody playing with our thoughts.

Today when we are amidst of a pandemic like COVID-19, wherein people are feeling stressed and depressed, as they are not able to share their thoughts effectively, can we start adopting writing Diaries again to express our thoughts without the fear of being trolled for our valuable feelings.

Give it a chance, may be it fits you…

If necessary, take precaution to keep your diaries in a safe place so that no other person can access it.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, Bharat

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