Since summer has come, lets learn how Rice Water (Chawal ka Marh called in Hindi) can benefit us fighting heat.

1.To Stop Dehydration, it is very good if consumed in summer.
2.To stop Constipation, if consumed daily.
3.To fight diarrhea, it stops dehydration also.
4.Best source of energy, a person stays active always.
5.Rice water has antioxidant and vitamin A, which fights Cancer
6.Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that happens in old age, a patient of Alzheimer tends to forget things, if rice water is consumed regularly, it reduces the chances of happening.
7.If consumed by a viral infected person, it reduces infection and also fights viral infection. It also provides necessary nutrition’s to the body. Which reduces the time taken for recovery.
8.In summer days consumption of a glass of rice water helps body to fight with heat and ultra violet rays

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