Now a days smart phones are an attraction amongst buyers of all ages. It is like a James Bond’s Gadget which has come live and open for all. Every body wants to have one, even if they are not using all the facilities of it or using it just for calling and SMS. These type of users are called “normal users”; no doubt smart phones provides so much facilities which a basic phones is not capable of providing. A “normal user” is a person who uses his/her mobile phone for calling, SMS, watching little bit videos, listening to some music and playing games, may be sometime; and an “extensive user” is a person who seems to have stuck to a smart phone, he/she uses his/her smart phone through out a day, even while sleeping. These kind of users plays lots of games or watches lots of videos or uses internet through out a day. He/she starts his/her day with a smart phone and again starts a day with a smart phone, there is no stop point of it.

Today we will discuss few of the points which a “normal user” should know before purchasing a smart phone.

1.The durability of a screen – we often drop our phones by mistake any time, and the first thing that is effected is the display. And changing a display takes approx 30-40% of the cost of the phone. So while purchasing one must enquire about the durability of a display. There are 2 types of toughened displays available in market are Gorilla glass and dragon trail display. So one must confirm that their choice has one.

2.The Battery power – a major portion of a battery charge is sucked by display in smart phones. So if a display is LED or AMOLED technology, then the battery consumption will be less. More over one must enquire about the MAh of a battery, the more it is like, 6000 MAh will hold more power than 3000MAh, the better it is.

3.The ROM (internal memory) – generally this portion of the smart phone stores all those software and configurations on it. So more means better.

4.The RAM (phones memory) – this portion of smart phone works like a over head tank, which stores all data which needs to be processed or the working of a smart phone, a minimum of 512 MB of RAM for a “normal user” is enough, though again the more means better.

5.Processor Speed and type – processor speed like 1 GHz or 1.3 GHz hardly makes any difference to a “normal user” for normal use, even if they are using internet, and core of a processor means like, quad core means 4 cores and dual core means 2 cores, is like if a task done by 2 people will take double the time if done by 4 people. They are the processing channels. So for normal use it hardly matters.

6.Extendable memory support – now a days with the growing file sizes, a normal user may go for a 8 GB memory approx, which holds lots of data, like movies, songs, images etc. Remember a life of a memory card depends how a user uses it, like you should not take it out from the phone very often, should not format very often, always switch off the mobile while taking out the memory card, etc. Always remember to take a backup of a memory card, so that if in case it fails you have the backed up data with you.  Though it depends on user whether to go for more or less, but more means if the device fails more loss of data.

7.Screen size – the lesser the size, handy to carry, and bigger size bigger view; so it depends on user what they want.

8.The brand – it hardly matters, and it is user’s choice.

9.Operating System – Hardly matters if you are a normal user, but yes Android has more third party software support.

Hope this article will help new users to purchase smart phone as per their requirements.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, WB, Bharat.