KLiK Reminder (demo version)

KLiK Reminder is a spreadsheet based software which can be used in any device like smart phones, tablets or PC’s. The software requires any office based software which supports .xlsx spreadsheet files. The software works best on “WPS Office” which can also be downloaded from http://www.klikinfotech.com. (In case if user is facing any issues with operation of “Klik Reminder”, are requested to open the file with “WPS Office”).

KLiK Reminder is made to protect user’s data even if a device fails or corrupts. It is very handy due to its small file size, can be used carrying it in pen drive, memory cards, etc. Versatile feature, can be operated from any device like smart phone, tablets, PC’s, etc. Can work on any operating system like, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Can be operated using any office software like, WPS Office, Libre Office, MS Office, or other office softwares which support .xlsx spreadsheet files.

Please read the instructions mentioned in the software before operating the software. Copy the software to the memory card of your smart phone, or tablet, or your preferable drive.

To Download the demo software, Please click on the below mentioned link. You can also download WPS Office from the link provided on right side.

Download link   ->>  klik-reminder-ver-5-17-demo

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We are also engaged in making customized software on spreadsheet as per user’s requirements, please feel comfortable to contact us…

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