With growing number of crimes now a days, security systems has become one of the major necessities of our life. Security systems come in different size, shapes, colours and properties and are easily available in market. In this session we are going to segregate the security systems based on their basic properties and share information on that.

Security systems can be segregated among the following categories :
1. Camera based
2. PIR based
3. Lock based

Let’s discuss their properties and uses.
1. Camera based security systems – These type of security systems has a web cam, or a digital cam and are capable of recording and taking pictures. They are fitted with night vision or infra red also. They are suitable for keeping vigilance on some place. Basically they are not fitted with any kind of alarms, but alarms can be installed if required to some specific models only. They are also fitted with motion detectors, motion directors are sensors which activates the camera whenever there is some moving object comes in front of the camera. These kind of security systems can work remotely also, depending on their mechanism.
2. PIR based systems – The full form of PIR is Passive Infrared Sensor, these kind of systems are basically infra red sensors which activates if any moving object comes in the range of sensors. These kind of systems have some kind of alarm or hooter fitted with them, which makes loud audible sound to alert the public whenever any moving object comes in front of the range of sensors. The infrared rays work effectively in dark night also. There are few PIR systems which have thermal sensors and work on body heat also, and few can measure the body mass also and hence blows alarm only when there is some human intrusion. These kind of security systems can alert their users remotely also, depends on their mechanism.
3. Lock systems – These kind of systems are improvised locks, which work on digital metrics. They are fitted with some kind of Bio metric sensors (like finger print sensors) or digital sensors. They are commonly used for safes or locks. Generally they do not have any kind of alarms fitted on them.

All these security systems work on power source, and hence power backup is required in case of power failure. So from now onward please inquire on what kind of security system fits your requirement and then go for a purchase.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat