Medium of Lecture – English, Hindi, Bengali

Medium of study materials – English

Computer Maintenance, Chipset Engineering & Networking (30 Sessions)

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Electronic components and its working and failures
  3. Understanding part numbers of electronic components, finding replacements, usage of internet for finding details of part numbers
  4. Important gadgets for computer maintenance and its usage
  5. Assembling and dismantling a Computer / laptop etc.
  6. Understanding Hard Drive Partitions, formatting and installation of Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, etc)
  7. Understanding Operating system and configuring operating system
  8. Installing and uninstalling Softwares and configuring them
  9. Handling basic malfunctions of a computer (first aid treatment)
  10. Introduction to Computer Hardware components
  11. Motherboard and its segments
  12. Difference between computer components & accessories, and its usage
  13. Understanding Block Diagram of a Motherboard
  14. Understanding voltage and operating Multimeter
  15. Understanding power flow of a SMPS, Power Adapters, USBs and its Wire Colours
  16. Understanding faults and solutions of Motherboard (Chipset Engineering)
  17. Understanding Schematic Diagrams and repairing PCBs (Motherboards) (Chipset Engineering)
  18. Understanding voltage flows on Motherboard (Chipset Engineering)
  19. Understanding working of ICs, Chipsets and other electronic components on motherboard (Chipset Engineering)
  20. Logic for repairing any PCB (Motherboard) without a schematic diagram (Chipset Engineering)
  21. Usage of internet for searching schematic diagrams (Chipset Engineering)
  22. Networking – LAN / WiFi – setting up router and switches, repeaters etc, strategy for networking a campus
  23. Setting up Networking securities, working with IP protocols, Drive Mapping, concept of Shared drives and sharing devices
  24. Internet Networking , Configuration of browsers and usage
  25. Future Technology and working on it

Outstation candidates are requested to contact prior to joining classes as their stay arrangements needs to be made. Also please bring a faulty motherboard along with you for better learning.

Aadhar Card or Voter ID or Passport is Compulsory requirement for taking admission. Bring the original one for verification.

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