Hi, the title of the article is self explanatory, and we all are running for that. We humans are never satisfied with our achievements. The time we reach our goal, a new margin is set, and we start our new journey. And in today’s human world the metrics for measuring success is money, the more one has is more successful that person is.

Today success has become such a target that people compare themselves to others, instead of setting up their own goals to themselves, and that is the cause of depression when they are unable to achieve what others have achieved.

We all are different from others, and we all grow at our own pace. If we observe our past, we will find that we all had growth, which is different from others. So setting up our own goal and exceeding them makes more sense than making others achievements our goals.

Many times it has been observed that people follow wrong path or crime to fulfill their ambitions, which proves to be fatal for their future.

No doubt success is sweet, and it becomes more sweet when shared with your nearest and dearest ones. But it does not mean that to enjoy the sweetness of success, we need to show off.

Believe me, if we make success a non on going goal, or satisfy our selves with our success, instead of making others achievements our goals, the success will be more sweeter. The only thing is that we have to teach ourselves to stay happy with what ever we have, instead of feeling envy of others achievement.

There is a old proverb in hindi, “kismet say jyada, aur vakth say pahele kabhi kisi ko kutch mahin mila”. Meaning in english, “no body has achieved any thing beyond their destiny, and before time”. Hence it is intelligence to be satisfied with whatever we have.


Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat