Lets start this story from the begining of evolution,some 5 lacs years ago, when human being started mutating from apes and their brain size started growing. Since then, neither our colour of blood has changed, nor the physical features of human being, one nose, two eyes, one mouth, etc. has changed. But with growing intelligence, we human beings started discriminating others on many things like caste, religion, colour, society, race, country, language, etc. Which is not followed by any other life forms other than human beings on earth. We human beings followed the human made discriminations so much that we forgot to follow nature’s law, and thus we made such a mess that we are not able to clear it off now.

Today we all are fighting with each other and the whole world is burning. We are in a verge of killing each other and want to rule the world ourselves. I don’t know finally who will rule the world if all are dead. Since we all are not dead yet, I think we still have time to leave discrimination and follow humanism. I don’t think I need to explain what humanism is, but if that can be followed to make a better world.

No matter what religion we follow, but non of us has actually seen gods, but humanism is probably one of the lessons taught to us by gods. And we are wiping it off.

We must ask ourselves individually that, can we survive without humanity or without discrimination. No doubt we individually have to select one. Remember we all want to be treated well, but when it comes to us for giving that same treatment to others, we negotiate, that isn’t humanity.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat