Durga Puja is celebrated throughout the world particularly by the Hindus. All communities celebrate Durga Puja according to their customs, but for Bengalis (one of the community in India) it is their main and biggest celebration. Though Durga Puja is celebrated for 10 days by most of the communities in India, but Bengalis celebrate it for the last 5 days from 6th which is called as Sasti to the 10th day that called as Dashami. On the last day after the idol of the deity is immersed into water people celebrate Vijaya Dashami. They eat and distribute sweets, people touch the feets of their elders and take blessings (which is an Indian culture). Gujratis celebrate Durga Puja by playing Garba (a kind traditional group dance) during these 10 days. In northern and central part of India, they worship Goddess Amde Ma for 10 days and follow Navratri and Jagrans. On the 10th day Dusshera is celebrated.  In southern part of India people worship goddess Durga in temples. In north east part of India people celebrate as it is celebrated in West Bengal. People living in foreign countries also celebrate Durga Puja according to their customs and some of them take the idol from Kolkata which is the capital of West Bengal (and cultural capital) of India. On the 10th day, Dusshera is also followed along with Vijaya Dashami through out India.

According to the mythology when goddess Durga fought against the demons (Asuras) and got victory over them, and thus the celebration of Durga Puja. During Durga Puja Ganesh, Kartika, Lakshmi and Saraswati are also worshiped along with goddess Durga.

Jalpaiguri is a popular district of West Bengal, and here also Durga Puja is celebrated on full fledged. We visited lots of the pandals (place where the idol of goddess Durga is kept for worship during these days), and tried to bring to you some of the glimpses of Durga Puja celebration…..

We are still in a process of gathering more glimpses from across the world…. People interested in publishing their images may please send their emails to klik.group@yahoo.com. (Please send images of the idol or the decoration only…).

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

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Above – Assammore Recreation Club, bagged the best Durga Puja of Jalpaiguri this year….

Below – Durga Puja of Royal Family of Jalpaiguri (Raj Barir Puja)..


Below – Other Durga Pujas of Jalpaiguri…

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Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, W.B., Bharat

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