This is one of the growing trends of today. People like to purchase items from big branded companies. Generally these items costs more than other non branded or less branded items.

Now the question arises, how much a person should be brand conscious?  Is it really important to be brand conscious?  Does, branded products are the only source of quality or lets say un-branded items does not have quality? And many other questions..

Let’s try to understand the answers logically. It is not always possible that branded products are manufactured in their branded industries. Now a days big companies out source (means companies hiring  other companies to get some work done) their work to small companies. These small companies may be manufacturing the same product for other companies also, and may be selling the same product on their brand as well. So finally there are variety of products in market which are of the same type, but marketed by different companies and manufactured by one single company. Since the brand value of different companies differ, hence the price of the product may also differ.

Now arises the question on quality. So again, hence it is manufactured by a single company, more or less the quality also remains the same, unless some companies define their unique quality measures while manufacturing. More over in any electronics parts, no body can give guarantee of its running. If an item breaks down, it needs replacement, whether it is a branded or less branded or non branded company.

Lets take another example of footwear or any kind of apparels, again manufactured by a single company but sold by different companies. The type of material may differ, but that will increase or decrease the cost of the product. And, any ways, we are going to wear it, not hanging it on a hanger. So if i am using a product, it has wear and tear, whether it is a branded or un-branded, or costly or cheap.

So finally my logic says, why to go for a costly item, instead the amount I pay for purchasing a branded product, I could rather purchase two or thee un-branded or less branded product and keep using it on a rotational basis. Hence saving money, and money saved is money produced. I can utilize that money for some other thing.

I am not completely denying from brand consciousness, but use it where it is needed…

What do you think??

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat