With the convenience of mobile computers like laptop and tablets or even desktops working in different networks for different works, we are now adaptable to working in versatile networks. Suppose a person has a different network configuration in his / her office, home, meeting place or others. In this scenario since the network configuration is changing, it becomes very difficult to configure the computer compatible to that particular network instantly.

And there comes a demand for a system where in you can feed in the configuration of different networks in a software and select according to your network instantly.

This is what the Netsetman software do. It keeps all your TCP / IP configurations for all networks and you can select it as per your network use. Though there are always alternative software’s available, you may surf internet for alternative softwares.

For setting up Netsetman on your system, you first need to download the installation file from the link given below. Then install the software on your system and then configure TCP / IP settings. And then select network options according to your network.

Download Netsetman

Other tools for changing IPs

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, WB – Bharat


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