Candidates are invited for working as Business Coordinators  (Representatives) on commission basis for Part time job Globally.

Job Profile : 

You will act as a vital link between us and organizations, institutions, businesses, etc. primarily in your near by area, and if you wish globally. Your job will be to contact the business owners, or any body who wants to go online, educate them about benefits of bringing their business online, and finally transforming (making) their business online. There is no area limits to this job. We will train you and provide you necessary things for accomplishing your duties. We will always advise you, train you to improve your skills. Our trainings are online and over phone, so you do not have to come to our office for any thing, rather we will reach you as and when you require us. You are free to work when ever you wish, and you do not have any targets to accomplish. But if you work then only you earn.

Though this is a part time job, but people may take it as full time job also and can earn unlimited commissions which will not be less than a good salary.

  • FREE JOINING, No Money required for any thing.
  • No targets to accomplish & time schedules for work, candidates may work as per their timings and wish. If you work you grow.
  • No basic qualification required, any body can work if they are interested.
  • We will coordinate and provide you a basic training for accomplishing your job.
  • No transfers, you will work from your home only.
  • Language Requirement – English, Hindi, Local language.
  • Age – Min 18+
  • Working knowledge of Smart Phone, email, chat, internet, etc. is required as what ever you do every thing is in digital format.
  • No technical knowledge required, as our technical team is working behind every thing.

This is not a Networking or Chit Fund Business. 

(Note : Based on your long term performance, sincerity, dedication and activeness, we may promote you to higher positions in future.) 

Interested candidates are requested to send your Bio – Data to or fill the below mentioned form and submit.

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