Due to our fast life styles now a days, washing machines have become one of our major necessities of life instead of luxury.

There are many types  and sizes of washing machines available in market, out of which semi automatic are low  costed, needs less maintenance, less repairing charges and saves more water and detergent in comparison to automatic washing machines or hand wash. Many people believe that washing cloths in washing machine, damages the cloth, I must say it is a myth, rather I found it increases the life of fabric, as there is no wear and tear in washing machine in comparison to hand wash.

People who are living in water crises area can also use semi automatic washing machines, as it does not require running water, users can pour water into wash tub for washing purpose. You may also store water when the machine is not in use.  Since the motor for dryer is different from wash tub, the dryer can be used any time even when users are not washing cloths. Many a times we do not have enough clothes to wash in washing machine like a shirt or a pant or any thing in less quantity, and hence we do hand wash. So after hand washing the clothes, we can use dryer to dry the clothes. And hence less quantity of cloths can also be dried in the dryer. In rainy days dryers play a very significant role in drying the clothes; due to maximum humidity in atmosphere and it is raining outside, the cloths does not dry very soon, hence using driers eases the work.

For optimum utilization of water and washing powder, always fill cloths till the maximum possible into your washing tub. It is advisable to soak the cloths for minimum 30 minutes prior to running the washing machine, for getting better results; and use some kind of soap to rub the collars and cuffs.

 If you have more cloths, segregate the cloths and make lots. Never wash brand new cloths with old cloths, as brand new cloths may leave colour, and which may damage the old cloths. Once the first lot is finished washing, you may use the same water for washing the second lot. It does not matter if the water looks dirty, put some more water and washing powder if required. As soon as first lot is washed put the first lot into the dryer for draining the soda water, and then then dry the second lot, and like wise complete all the lots.

After finishing soda washing, its time to do fresh water washing or rinsing for all the lots. You may drain the remaining soda water or you may also preserve the soda water for later use. The soda water may look dirty but can be used for next washing if you have water crises.

After the fresh water wash, dry the cloths in the dryer lot by lot. You my wash the cloths once again with fresh water if required.

After drying the cloths in dryer, your cloths are almost dry, now you may hang the cloths in open air space to dry it more.

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat

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