Who doesn’t know Rasmalai!!!

Probably one of the most popular bengali sweets among Indians, which has made its renowned position across the world.

Today, We will learn how to quickly make Rasmalai at home :

  1. Purchase few small size Rasgullas (an Indian Sweet made out of cheese).
  2. Boil milk till it becomes 1/4 th (one fourth) of its quantity. Means if you take 1 Lt of milk, on becoming dense it will become 250 gms only.
  3. Add some milkmaid into that and stir it. (optional)
  4. Put few rasgullas on a saucer or bowl and pour the dense milk on it, garnish it with grated kaju, pista, badam etc. Put few drops of rose water if available
  5. and serve chilled…

So that’s how, quickly you can make Rasmalai at home.

Chef : Parul Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat

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