Uric Acid is a bi-product which forms when purines (found in many foods) are not processed by kidney and liver and hence gets mixed up in blood. During high uric acid, crystals get deposited on the joints and thus damaging nearby tissues, which causes pain. High uric acid may lead to arthritis.

The uric acid gout pain is different from other pains, there may not be swelling on the effected portion but the unbearable pain is like the portion is fractured and on top of it somebody is pinning on the effected portion.

Do’s and Dont’s during Pain


  • Do not rub the place, or mobalize that portion, as the cryastals injures the tissues and bone more and hence may increase the pain.
  • Do not use any kind of ointment or oil or any kind of thing it may increase pain. except ointments or medicines particularly meant for uric acid.
  • The gout pain may also start from cold, so avoid cold in that particular portion.
  • Avoid eating high protien foods and foods which can cause acidity during pain, seed based foods particularly  kala chana – black gram  you may eat tomato’s or capsicum without seeds.
  • Avoid eating almond, any kind of nut during pain it may increase your pain.
  • Avoid eating eggs when you are in pain, it increases the pain.


  • Drink ample of water so that you can urinate every 20- 30min. This eases the pain.
  • Drink carbonated soft drink, it lowers acidity and hence eases pain sometimes.
  • Chilled banana milk shake prior to sleep at night, lowers pain and gives a good sleep.
  • Drink Indian goose berry (amla) juce approx 20ml mixed with water every day. It detoxifies & cleans your body. it also helps in digestion and lowering gas formation in stomach.
  • Eat one banana every day, it breaks down uric acid crystals thus lowers uric acid level in blood.
  • Consume lime or lemon juice in small quantities every day through out the year, it helps in detoxifying your liver and kidney’s, it also contains vitamin C, which helps in reduction of uric acid in your body.

As per my research, there is no permanent treatment for uric acid in alleopathy, however homeopathy, ayurveda and regular exercise  can ease your life. Since uric acid is directly related to eating habits, I won’t advice to restrict every food, but instead keep control on your diet and body weight. body weight is also directly related to uric acid. Every body reacts to different food in different way, but increase in acidity may increase the pain, so always be cautious that you are not eating any thing which creates acidity.

The details mentioned above are based on my personal experience.

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Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat

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