Hi, you might be influenced by all those people who got recognized by doing some kind of great work, and is published in T.V. or news papers, etc; even I do,  but have we ever thought that we are also hero’s in our every day life??

Actually, I was watching the hollywood movie named ‘Sully’ today, wherein the pilot saves all the lives in the aircraft, and I was pretty much influenced by the movie. At the time of sleeping at night, I was thinking how instantly the pilot took the decision of crash landing and thus saved lives in the aircraft. And eventually at the mean time I thought that, we all are hero’s in our day to day life, but the only difference is that, the work did not got recognized in front of media or mass public. That does not mean that we are not hero’s any ways, as the good work was done and somebody got benefited from that.

Let me explain how, lets take an example, have you ever offered your seat to somebody else while you are traveling or in a park!! You are a hero. How, because there were so many people around you, but no body else except you has done that great job without taking any benefits from that person. So you are a hero…

Let us take one more example, suppose you are walking by a busy street, and somebody falls by you, or you observe a hungry person standing beside the street, or you find a pet or an animal needs some kind of help. You go and help that person or animal by some or other means; You are a hero. Why??, it is simple because there were many people who were available there but no body came up to do what ever you have done. You stood out of the crowd to do the good job, and thus you are a hero.

Actually heroism is an act, whether you get recognition or not but it works instantly for the good means. Have you ever donated blood? You are a hero, because your blood saved a life or at least helped whoever needed it, may be you do not know who got benefited by that.

Going back, As far as I can recall, I saved seven lives and helped so many people whom I do not remember also, I solve so many I.T. and other issues on daily basis, which others are not able to do, but I did not get any recognition yet; but yes if I look back, I have done a great job, and that makes me a hero in every day life.

Whenever we do something good for others, some thing different from others, some new kind of experiment, some thing in benefit of community or somebody in particular, we are doing an act of heroism, it may be unrecognized, unpublicized  or it might not be patented, but it does not mean that the work done did not benefit others, or the good work done by us is small or big. The competition is within our self and not with others, that how much can we exceed our limits in terms of heroism.

So, keep lighting that heroism within you to keep the humanity going.


Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, Bharat

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