I think we all  have gone through this phase once upon a time. Struggling hard to finish project within the given time. Running here and there, collecting resources for project, cutting papers and photos from newspapers or magazines, making groups, fighting with group members for implementing our ideas, putting  the most creative imagination, implementing it and struggling hard to make it, to win prize, and many more memorizing moments.

Project works are very important for children’s mental development. It gives them the power to think and bring their creativity in front of the world. It teaches them how to work in a team. How to complete a task within a stipulated period of time. It gives them confidence to run in a race. Which is very important for their future growth.

I remember when I was a kid, we used to draw or write, to complete our projects, but now with the involvement of internet and computer, things have become very easy. Now students don’t do much brain storming or hard work to finish their projects. In some places you can get special professionals to do this work. You just have to pay them they will make your project, you just have to write your name on it and submit it.

I found teachers are also least bothered about students are sincerely working or not, they appreciate those project which are beautiful, regardless who made it. If this is the scenario then what is the learning? A student will never learn anything. Because they understood if they pay money, they can get the work done, or their parents make their projects which is obviously going to be more better than a child’s creativity. So if a student has more purchasing power than they can get more better things done. But is that teaching them any thing? Probably our teachers need to think. Project works are meant for the development of student, if that purpose is not solved then what is the use.

I think our education system should be improved to assess the potency of a student. And utilize it whatever they are best for. Our teachers should pay attention to the interests of students and their growth, instead of doing their regular jobs and taking salaries. There are many countries in world which assess their children’s since childhood and guide them to grow accordingly. Can our country also adopt the same thing?

Author : Debashish Ray

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