In India voting is celebrated like a festival. People take part with full enthusiasm. Many people take off from their job to be present to select their upcoming leaders, many who are residing out side their native town for some purpose return back to vote. After voting they spend the whole day with their families celebrating and discussing which political party will win this time. The enthusiasm is much like watching a match. This one day, people gets official off from their employers which is not mentioned in their leaves or holidays. So people fully utilize this day.

In India, people after the age of 18 are allowed to vote. All over it is a great day and people enjoy it. Mostly shops and establishments are closed this day, if not the whole day, at least for half day. People wake up early in the morning and reach the polling booth early so that they do not get stuck in long queues. You will also find party workers from all the parties standing in front of polling booth for the facilitation and helping the voters.

Helping to an extent is good, but over helping is bad. “Means, booth capturing.” In some places the ruling party workers are involved in booth capturing. Booth capturing means people from political parties are forcing voters to mark vote on their party’s symbol. Though voting is a secret thing but when booth capturing is done voters have to vote in front of political parties on their symbols only. Even the appointed officials also do not interfere or go against the political parties, as they know the adverse impact of opposing the political parties. The general public also do not speak against the political parties due to fear of harassment which they have to face later. The extreme of it is ballot box capturing and fighting, where in firing and bomb blasts are common.

In voting the ruling parties never wants to leave their regime. They are least bothered about public or developments. They only care about themselves. No matter which ever party wins, will not only rule for five years but also become rich by some or other ways.

Common public who face these kind of situations are highly frustrated, as they are not able to select their political parties as per their wish, as they are forced to mark on a definite symbol. This is situation where in common public is dominated illegally by the party workers, where in they cannot vote to their wished leaders neither they can oppose, as they will get bashed up for doing so, neither they can complain to security and higher officials as they also keep quite. So at this scenario the most intelligent step is to do what the ruling political parties are saying.

I know it is illegal and incorrect but there is no other option left other than saving your life. No matter which party wins, your life will remain the same and you are very important to your family. The extension of your life is the hope that you will be able to vote as per your wish the next time. So wish you good luck and good health until next voting.

Humble suggestion to activists : You are known by the people surrounding you, like your neighbours, colony people and friends. They come up with help for you whenever you are in trouble, but does your supremo even know you??? So what are you fighting for??? Think!!! 

Author : Debashish Ray

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